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Franklin Roosevelt

Sanders Bets All on Single Issue To Beat the Odds

February 15, 2016 // United Daily News - Taiwan - Chinese

There are two key words in this year's U.S. presidential election: progressives and establishment. Both words have been linked to Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders. Nine months ago, Sanders was not a household name, and few thought anything of his electoral prospects. However, in the span of a few short [Read more]

Roosevelt and Reagan

December 17, 2015 // Asharq Al Awsat - Pan Arab - Arabic

The Republican battle for the presidency of the United States has turned into a tragedy and a farce. The strongest candidate is still Donald Trump, who keeps offering up unacceptable racist slogans. This seems to confirm the mood of American voters — the same as the French and other Westerners — who have been [Read more]

Tough Agreement between Americans

October 27, 2015 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

Among Americans, the pessimism surrounding the possibility of agreement between their country's major political forces keeps growing. In daily press, radio and television reports, the most moderate political observers remember, not without a certain melancholy, a time when the debate inside and outside Congress was [Read more]