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Trump: Protectionism as Therapy for the Lost Community

April 20, 2018 // La Nacion - Paraguay - Spanish

The truth is that the tide only sees the progress of events, not to mention the ideological tug of war. The tug of war, then, forces the same ideologies to reconcile principles that cannot be reconciled, and they try to exist within the inconsistencies of their own contradictions. Let me explain. There are principles [Read more]

Trumped Up Steel

March 28, 2018 // La Dépêche - France - French

By deciding last week to instate a 25 percent tariff on steel imported into the U.S. and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum, U.S. President Donald Trump has once again demonstrated that he intends to stay true to the political line that carried him to the White House in November 2016: “America First.” It [Read more]

Trump Has Gone Beyond the Acceptable

March 12, 2018 // Die Welt - Germany - German

After imposing protective tariffs on steel and aluminum, the president has now taken the car industry to task, an industry that is so important to Germany. Europeans must join forces and come up with a joint response. It could always be worse, as the saying goes. This is being demonstrated on an almost daily basis [Read more]
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