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A Toast to Women

July 11, 2015 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

In the U.S., a law has been passed that permits same-sex marriages and the adoption of homeless children by same-sex parents. The law will give rise to an epidemic of homosexual marriages in all U.S. states and the adoption of orphan boys by gays and their upbringing in a homosexual environment. A monstrous machine is [Read more]

Cook: “Proud to Be Gay”

November 12, 2014 // Siglo 21 - Guatemala - Spanish

Tim Cook, CEO of the technology giant Apple, has announced to the world through an article published in Bloomberg Business Week that he is gay, and proud of it. Because he is the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to come out as openly homosexual, Cook’s statement surprised the world. There is much to be learned [Read more]