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Is He a Real Man?

June 8, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Young, elegant and eloquent: Barack Obama is on his way to the White House-–and could fall into the Wimp-Trap, because that which helps him globally could hurt him at home. That’s the way we would prefer the American President: better elegant than swaggering, better eloquent than rowdy. He should reject the death [Read more]

Oh Yes, Obama

June 8, 2008 // Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

Oh Yes, Obama Barack Obama promises a revival for America, something which stands in stark contrast to the program of Republican John McCain. But how successful the Democrat turns out to be in the general election campaign depends on whether his rival Hillary Clinton quickly accepts a secondary role. [Read more]

Much is Unrealistic

June 7, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

The enthusiasm for Obama might turn out to be overdone, says Karsten Voigt, Federal Coordinator for German-American Cooperation. An interview. Zeit online: Mr. Voigt, you are a Social Democrat. Which candidate for US President would you prefer. Certainly the Democrat Barack Obama? Voigt: As a representative of [Read more]

Obama & Race: Is This Play on Words Discriminatory?

June 6, 2008 // TAZ - Germany - German

Is This Play on Words Discriminatory? The title of our article on Thursday set off a hot debate – not only in U.S. blogs, but also in the taz: Was our play on words using "Uncle Tom’s Cabin” racist in the context of Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy? Two opinions. Yes, says Dominic Johnson.At the time Barack [Read more]

Hillary Wants to Take Vice-Presidency By Force

June 5, 2008 // Bild Zeitung - Germany - German

Her husband Bill Clinton suggested it: “Tuesday could be the last day of your campaign.” The party bosses stipulated it on the weekend: “After June 3rd, we have to be united.” The US media such as AP and CNN predicted it Tuesday morning: “Hillary Clinton will concede defeat.” They all guessed wrong. It [Read more]

Obama in the Clinton Trap

June 5, 2008 // Der - Germany - German

Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in a grueling Primary race - and still can’t get rid of her. Now he has to integrate her into his team in order to gain her supporters for himself. At the same time, he has to free himself from her. Washington speculates about a solution to the dilemma. It is over. She knows it. [Read more]

Obama, the Savior?

June 5, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Obama, the Savior? By Josef Joffe We western Europeans wish for nothing more fervently than Barack Obama leading the USA. But he would be president of a very strong superpower, and that usually means trouble. A commentary. The spirit of the times blows for Obama – if more softly in Asia, Africa and Latin America [Read more]

Barack Obama Must Now Save the Democrats

June 4, 2008 // Die Welt - Germany - German

Before he can use his energy to engage John McCain, Obama has to save the Democrats. The success of this effort depends on how Hillary Clinton behaves. The first conspiracy theories are already circulating.

Not Without Bush The Scapegoat

June 3, 2008 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Not Without Bush The Scapegoat Scott McClellan’s revelations about his time as White House press secretary for George W. Bush are causing an international uproar. For John McCain, this means to keep as much distance as possible between himself and the president. Scott McClellan claims that the invasion of Iraq was [Read more]
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