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Global warming

America for Americans … and for China

May 29, 2018 // El Caribe - Dominican Republic - Spanish

The Dominican Republic should take advantage of the fact that China seeks to curb the effects of climate change ... to attract investment ... in areas where we can reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Science Slaps Trump

November 30, 2017 // Excélsior - Mexico - Spanish

Trump is a danger to the world because he is ... aggressively promoting coal and other hydrocarbons and moving to dismantle federal programs that combat climate change.

Carbon Dioxide

November 18, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>No scientist would dare link this dry, endless summer to climate change, but we are sweltering in the heat of figures which provide overwhelming evidence.</i> Amid the sheer outpouring of grief stemming from the ongoing Catalan debacle, I have witnessed several references to climate change, one of the biggest [Read more]

Trump against the World

June 6, 2017 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

It is desirable that this extraordinary example of ineptitude and egotism will be added to the many other factors eroding the property magnate’s presidency.

About Obsessions: Trump’s

May 14, 2017 // Excélsior - Mexico - Spanish

<i>For Trump, the most important thing is not fulfilling campaign promises. It is showing power and, in passing, legitimizing himself. That is why, on the 99th day of his presidency, Donald Trump signed a new executive order. This is much easier to fulfill, but dangerous for the planet's climate stability. Yes, the [Read more]
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