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A Flag Raised 50 Years Later

July 30, 2015 // Público - Portugal - Portuguese

In December 2013, at the ceremonies for Nelson Mandela’s funeral and to everyone’s astonishment, Barack Obama shook hands with Raúl Castro. At the time, people started asking: Were the old Cold War enemies about to reconcile or was it just good manners at a funeral? The answer would emerge one year later: on Dec. [Read more]

Human Rights in China: One Photo Calls to Mind Another

July 28, 2015 // Rue89 - France - French

The image is shocking: 109 Chinese Uighurs that were arrested in Thailand after having fled China have been handed over to Peking authorities and repatriated on a special flight, their faces covered by a black fabric bag, each flanked by two members of the special forces. This is what happened last weekend in China. [Read more]
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