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Hilary Clinton

The Divided States of America

October 5, 2017 // Il Giornale - Italy - Italian

The rise of Trump, the Republican Party’s outsider, allowed for the growth of the "alternative-right"* movement ... Those “irredeemable” people represent a large segment of Americans.

Raising Arizona

September 16, 2016 // Ekho Moskvy - Russia - Russian

I'm completely ready to believe Russian hackers are actually capable of getting into American computers and messing around with something there on account of the elections. I don't, incidentally, really understand what they'd mess with and what for.

The World According to Trump

December 11, 2015 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

Donald Trump’s candidacy should have imploded long ago. However, against all reason, most polls continue to place him as favorite among militant Republicans. This shows how far along the road to perdition the Grand Old Party has traveled and the depths of obscurantism to which a significant number of its supporters [Read more]