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Hillary Clinton

A Masterful Play of International Policy

January 8, 2015 // El Mundo - El Salvador - Spanish

There's been a recent international event which, owing to its far-reaching effects and direct importance to us, deserves special coverage and analysis: The declaration on the part of the U.S. and Cuba to restore full diplomatic relations (which have been broken since the ‘60s), and to agree to initiate talks of the [Read more]

China: The Pivot of American Policy

December 15, 2014 // Cotidianul - Romania - Romanian

The idea of American policy focusing on Asia was, of course, a conclusion drawn from the new analysis of America’s global presence, which recommended that it should consolidate its part in the Pacific region.

Farewell, Obama

November 26, 2014 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

<i>Hillary Clinton is gaining ground as the potential Democratic candidate for 2016.</i> The predictions have come to pass. The Republicans won the U.S. general elections by a large margin, in governors’ races as well as in races for other public offices. With the midterm elections out of the way and two more [Read more]

The Obama Paradox

November 10, 2014 // El País - Spain - Spanish

In what country do left-leaning candidates distance themselves from a president on the left? The natural answer is in France! President Hollande is so unpopular right now that future Socialist candidates receive invitations to enlist in the service of other leaders. But there is another campaign that illustrates this [Read more]
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