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Donald Trump and RSS Think Alike: Congress

January 27, 2016 // Jagran - India - Hindi

The Indian National Congress in New Delhi has fiercely criticized the U.S. Republican Party’s presidential candidate Donald Trump. Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit said that Trump and the RSS think alike.* Their prejudiced mindsets prevent them from thinking about a united society. Just like RSS maintains a negative [Read more]

The Unfinished Cold War

January 23, 2016 // La Prensa - Panama - Spanish

The temporary nature and absence of a mechanism for progressive integration into U.S. society heartlessly handicaps immigrants, and converts the “American dream” into an unnecessary nightmare.

2015 Retrospective: Obama’s Last Year To Do What?

December 27, 2015 // Le Point - France - French

On Jan. 20, 2017, Barack Obama will leave the White House. He has one year left before the historians take it upon themselves to dissect his record and give him a place in the history books. The last year in office of an American president is often difficult and frustrating. All eyes are on the presidential [Read more]

The US: A Cemetery of Languages

December 3, 2015 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

They say the United States is a cemetery of languages. The presence of Italian in New York, Polish in Chicago and French in New Orleans is a thing of the past. The dominance of English invariably overpowers the languages of the immigrants who arrived at different times and to different places. The same is supposed [Read more]

America Wants to Take In ‘Some More’ Refugees

September 27, 2015 // Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany - German

In light of the European refugee crisis, the U.S. has been pressured to help. So far the world powers have taken in hardly [any] people from Syria. Now that should change. But will it be more than a symbolic gesture? Since its founding more than two centuries ago, the United States has been a destination for [Read more]

What the US Cooks Up, the EU Swallows

September 17, 2015 // Politika - Serbia - Serbian

<i>Xenophobia grows when the money dries up.</i> As thousands of migrants pour into Europe, Brussels is doing everything within its limited power to defuse the crisis. Nevertheless, it seems Europe has never been more divided and apathetic. In addition to high unemployment, demographic decline, the disappearance of [Read more]
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