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The Social ‘Trumpet’ of Populist Trump

March 19, 2017 // Corriere della Sera - Italy - Italian

The United States. February. I'm walking the streets of a dirty, sloppy, neglectful New York; its many brutalized tramps are rummaging through the garbage. On one side, the homeless who sleep in doorways, and on the other, the ever growing presence of Chinese bric-a-brac stores which are replacing the shops that used [Read more]

The US, Europe and President Donald Trump’s Mixed Signals

March 6, 2017 // Corriere della Sera - Italy - Italian

<i>The U.S. president’s statements seem contradictory, shifting between disengagement and offers of cooperation. There is a reason behind this behavior — a behavior that is very likely to continue for a long time.</i> Almost all of the signals the White House sent to Europe in the last few days were reassuring. [Read more]

Donald Trump’s Best Bodyguard

January 27, 2017 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

Political experience, determination, respect in Congress. His vice-president, Mike Pence, brings what Donald Trump lacks. Politically, he is at least just as extreme. While the new U.S. president tangles with the press, someone else is pulling the strings of the new American government in the background: Vice [Read more]
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