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End of the Road

May 2, 2011 // Times of India - India

The world would do well to remember that al-Qaida is a highly decentralized organization.

After Osama, Target Islamabad

May 2, 2011 // The Times of India - India

The United States of America has once again shown that it cares for certain values and has the guts not only to ensure safety and a dignified and terror-free life for its people but also to take revenge on the unrepentant wicked.

Unfair to Place Radio Collars on Students: India

February 5, 2011 // NDTV Khabar - India - Hindi

India has termed the placing of radio collars on Indian students in a university in California, U.S. as “unfair” and has demanded the policy’s removal. The government has stated that it is seriously worried about the impact of the action of Federal officials on the Indian students of California-situated [Read more]

Pakistan Concerned by U.S. Support to India in SUP

December 7, 2010 // NDTV Khabar - India - Hindi

Concern over the support U.S. President Barack Obama expressed for a permanent seat for India in the United Nations Security Council has been expressed in Pakistan's parliament by unanimously passing a proposal. The government also said that a step like this will affect the balance of power in the region. [Read more]
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