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Droning On

June 27, 2012 // Times of India - India

There is little empathy in Washington with the Pakistani argument that drone warfare violates its territorial sovereignty.

He Isn’t Holding His Peace

June 20, 2012 // Hindustan Times - India

While his presumptive opponent for the presidency in the November election, Republican Mitt Romney, was the one making war-like noises — “The world is not safe” — Obama has sent American troops into more countries than his allegedly warmongering predecessor did.

With Friends Like Bill…

June 20, 2012 // Hindustan Times - India

Bill is a major surrogate for US President Barack Obama's re-election campaign. But already, the relationship between them has turned into one resembling that between supposed allies, the US and Pakistan.

No Chickening Out

June 14, 2012 // Hindustan Times - India

a fringe al-Qaeda group — Somalia-based Shabab — has announced that it has placed a bounty of — not billions of dollars — but 10 camels to help anyone who can locate the US president.

Bang for the Buck

June 14, 2012 // Hindustan Times - India

Al Qaeda has advertised online training for jihadis who are willing to target the US, France and Israel.
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