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The Ugly American

July 26, 2010 // Iranian Diplomacy - Iran - Farsi

The Ugly American is an American novel written by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. First published in 1958, it became a bestselling book. This book first came on the scene as America was on the threshold of diving into the murky swamp known as the Vietnam War, and it had a great influence on America’s public [Read more]

Obama Floundering in the Middle East

July 26, 2010 // Jame Jam Online - Iran - Farsi

Due to its huge energy resources, the Middle East has always been an interesting region for other countries. This fact has resulted in interference from extra-regional countries, which has in turn resulted in economic, political and military problems for the region. There have been repeated efforts by the United [Read more]

Hillary Revelation

July 17, 2010 // JameJam - Iran - Farsi

Russia and America have several decades of Cold War experience. Now, during the presidency of Obama in the United States and Medvedev in Russia, the two countries are taking a new approach in the expression of their interactions. The signing of the treaty Start ll, Medvedev’s visits to America, and other [Read more]

Obama Played Well; Turkey Won

July 12, 2010 // Iranian Diplomacy - Iran - Farsi

In the past week, Barack Obama added two accomplishments to his record — an approved fourth resolution against Iran and the continuation of negotiations between Israel and Palestine, despite what occurred in the blue international waters off the shores of Gaza. Perhaps the price of success is very high. In both [Read more]

Obama and Netanyahu

July 10, 2010 // Tabnak - Iran - Farsi

It seems that when these two meet, a robust flexing of muscles occurs, rather than a working out of the issues. Obama either gives his promise or gets a promise from the other side.

McChrystal’s Resignation

June 25, 2010 // JameJam - Iran - Farsi

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs had warned that all options for General Stanley McChrystal were on the table, and following the meeting at the White House, McChrystal resigned from his position, as expected. Talk of McChrystal’s resignation began when, during an interview, he criticized Vice President Joe Biden [Read more]

Why Is the U.S. Following a New Resolution?

June 24, 2010 // Resalat - Iran - Farsi

During recent years, the West, and especially the United States, has consistently tried to use pressure to sway Iran’s nuclear policy and strategically change Tehran’s stance on global issues. In this way, the U.S. has benefited from two kinds of weapons: the threat and the sanction. Recently, Iran’s nuclear case [Read more]
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