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Let Us Vote for Someone Who Will Make the U.S. Unhappy

May 28, 2009 // Borna News - Iran - Farsi

Hojjat Al-Eslam Agha-Tehrani, a parliamentarian representing the people of Tehran, declared "Deciding on whom to give our vote is not difficult. We need to make sure it is someone who will make the arrogant world spearheaded by the U.S. unhappy." As reported by the Borna news agency in Qom, Hojjat Al-Eslam [Read more]

Rezaee Proposes Multi-national Enrichment

May 19, 2009 // Tabnak - Iran - Farsi

Rezaee Makes Proposal in Interview with Tagesspiegel According to Mehr News, Mohsen Rezaee, a candidate in the ongoing tenth presidential election round of the Republic of Iran, stated in an interview with the newspaper Tagesspiegel, "My aim is to take the way of national development and to also adopt decisions, [Read more]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Has Isolated Iran from the West

May 3, 2009 // Zamaaneh - Iran - Farsi

Mehdi Karrubi says the policies of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have left Iran isolated in the world. At a news conference, the candidate in the tenth presidential elections of the Republic of Iran added that the views held by Ahmadinejad have damaged Iran's standing. Mr. Karrubi maintained that if he won the elections, he [Read more]

False Accusations Betray U.S. Banks' Own Illegalities

May 3, 2009 // Alef - Iran - Farsi

"We have proven that the claims made by America are unfounded…" The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Mahmoud Bahmani, stated, "In presenting the documents to the International Monetary Fund, we provided proof that America's claims accusing Iran's banking system of engaging in money laundering are untrue." [Read more]

Iran Surveys U.S. Policies

February 8, 2009 // Radio Zamaneh - Iran - Farsi

Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki said that Iran is surveying announced American policies. Based on Mottaki’s statements, the Islamic Republic will describe its opinion on these policies after surveying them. The new U.S. administration has sent messages within the last 10 days saying they are [Read more]

Mottaki: Changes from America, Cooperation from Iran

January 30, 2009 // Radiozamaaneh - Iran - Farsi

Manoucher Mottaki, Iran’s foreign minister, said on Friday that if the United States changes its policies, Iran will have a reaction based on cooperation. Mottaki said, “Iran is waiting for Obama to show how his policies compare to George Bush’s policies.” A French news agency reported that Mottaki, who spoke [Read more]
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