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Bush Proud of What He Sees in Mirror

January 15, 2009 // Jamejamonline - Iran - Farsi

If he did not forget these cases and the other stains of shame he placed on his administration’s lap, in his last moments as president, he would not be proud of himself and his administration’s actions.

Military Action is Not the Way to Do It!

January 3, 2009 // Mehr News - Iran - Farsi

The U.S. president-elect Obama criticized Bush's foreign policy. He indicated that military action is not a proper way to deal with other countries. In its report, Mehr News pointed out that Barack Obama, in his interview with CNN, criticized Bush's pro-war foreign policies. Mehr News indicated that Americans will [Read more]

Larijani: The Idea of a Diplomatic Office is Mysterious

December 24, 2008 // radiozamaaneh - Iran - Farsi

Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Iranian parliament, said that the proposal of initiating an American diplomatic office in Iran might be an “uncanny idea.” According to today’s (Sunday) report by Iran’s governmental news agency IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency), Mr. Larijani added that he is not going to put [Read more]

Unsuitable Conditions for Iranian Prisoners in Iraq

December 7, 2008 // Tabnak - Iran - Farsi

“So far, there has been close to twenty Iranians arrested in Baghdad, who have been forced to live in solitary confinement under bad conditions such as unsuitable food and an unfit environment. Regarding the Iranian prisoners in Iraq, it has been heard that the Americans, by way of indirect Iraqi officials, have [Read more]
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