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Are You Ready for President Palin?

October 5, 2008 // Tehran Times - Iran

Americans are notorious for being anti-intellectual, opposing reasoned arguments, and relying on faith and intuition. They loved Bush because they would rather have a beer with him than his opponent

Rice Making Sense

September 24, 2008 // Alalam - Iran

It is only logical that the US put serious talks with Iran on the table. Minus this conventional wisdom, the next and last option would be war with Iran.

The Fall of Major Institutions and the Rise of Obama

September 22, 2008 // Radio Zamaneh - Iran - Farsi

Only two days after the major fall of Wall Street, Barack Obama who was 5% behind his republican opponent, got 2% ahead. Professionals from the Gallup institute believe that the market’s unbalance and the public’s lack of trust towards the economy, which the republican government’s policies are thought to have had a [Read more]
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