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Iran is Ready for Enemy Aggression

January 27, 2010 // Jame Jam Online - Iran - Farsi

Mohammad Karami Zad, an Iranian parliament member from Kermanshah, commented on the threats made by American military officials on taking military actions against Iran: The overall military strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a defense-based strategy and we will respond to such threats immediately. [Read more]

Yemen is America’s Next Battleground

January 16, 2010 // Jame Jam Online - Iran - Farsi

The unprecedented presence of Western reporters and media representatives in Sana’a in the past few days has fueled rumors that America’s military will soon interfere in Yemen and that the U.S. is formulating an operational plan. The hotels and inns of Sana’a are packed with foreign reporters and journalists. [Read more]

Obama’s Doctrine in Shape

January 1, 2010 // Fardanews - Iran - Farsi

After he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, all media favored this contradictory point: a man who deployed 30,000 troops was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize as a symbol of peace. He himself justified the duality and said, “Evils exist in the world, and war is inevitable at times." According to Farda's “Record [Read more]

Iran: U.S. Hasn’t Learned Lesson from Hiroshima

December 30, 2009 // Kayhan News - Iran - Farsi

After visiting the lingering traces of America’s crimes in Hiroshima, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran Sa’eed Jalili declared, “At the very least, the U.S. should be punished with disarmament and the revocation of its right to veto for its crimes here.” According to several agencies, [Read more]

Iranian Student Activists Respond to Obama’s Letter

December 5, 2009 // Alef News Agency - Iran - Farsi

Following Obama’s letter addressed to Iranians on November 4th of this year, Iran’s student groups released the following letter to the attention of American president, Barack Obama. According to Alef News Agency, the letter says: Attn: U.S. President, Mr. Barack Obama Iranians feel resentment toward America's [Read more]
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