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Iraq invasion

The Secret of the Iraq Inquiry

August 2, 2016 // Al-Ahram - Egypt - Arabic

The secret is out. The American-British invasion of Iraq in 2003 was a deliberate attempt to destroy Iraq and prepare a new path for the Middle East.

Is the United States Weak?

November 14, 2015 // Al-Hayat - Pan Arab - Arabic

The United States has not succeeded in any of its wars since its war for independence in 1776. There was a stalemate in the Vietnam War (1964-1975), and the U.S. failed to stabilize the Middle East region in the wake of 9/11 with its invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. The last victory for the U.S. was against Moscow [Read more]

A Malicious Question

June 1, 2015 // Al-Watan - Oman - Arabic

The collapse of U.S. strategy in Iraq has now materialized beyond any doubt. What has ensued in Iraq from the disintegration and failure of successive governments has demonstrated, beyond any doubt, the potential for undermining democratic freedoms and human rights with corruption, violence and sectarianism. All this [Read more]