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Iraq Has Become a Human Slaughterhouse

March 1, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

We will not be far from reality if we say that Iraq has become something like a slaughterhouse, where human beings are massacred day in and day out with the victims unaware of why they are being slaughtered. In ancient times people were offered as sacrifices to appease the gods. These sacrifices, including mainly [Read more]

Who Will Extinguish The Fires Of This War?

February 27, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

Since Baghdad fell to U.S. troops on April 9, 2003, a new kind of war has begun in our country which is more barbaric, more vicious and more evil than any ever seen in the modern world. Instead of planting democracy, tolerance, human rights and reconciliation, the U.S. occupation has bred sectarian and ethnic strife, [Read more]

Washington Has Always Exploited Our Suffering

February 11, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

We remember the suffering Iraqis underwent due to U.N. trade sanctions, which lasted from 1990 to shortly after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion. The victims of the embargo were millions of ordinary Iraqis who were denied food and medicine and basic amenities. The people of Iraq were the victims of the U.N.-imposed and [Read more]

Americans Hand Most of Mosul Over to Iraqi Forces

January 26, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

U.S. troops have withdrawn from the part of the northern city of Mosul situated on the right bank of the Tigris River, and have handed security of this vital part of the restive city to Iraqi forces. The part now under Iraqi control makes up the largest portion of the city of nearly 2 million people. U.S. troops are [Read more]

Iraqis Demand Exactly What Bush Promised: 'Victory'

January 23, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

Many Iraqis have expressed indignation and disappointment at U.S. President George W. Bush's prediction that violence this year is to further intensify. They were even angrier when the President openly supported the government's decision to boost fuel prices nearly fivefold. Some even accused the President of [Read more]
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