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Letter from a Disgruntled Iraqi to President Bush

January 16, 2006 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

Dear Mr. Bush, Please accept my warmest greetings and appreciation for all the "good things" your "friendly and liberating" troops have brought to my country. In the nearly three years since "the liberation," you and your troops have been leading us along the path of "democracy and freedom" and have managed to bring [Read more]

Iraqi Voters Will 'Not Be Fooled Again'

December 13, 2005 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

In the days shortly before and shortly after the U.S. invasion, we were given rosy promises, some of them by the invaders themselves and some by Iraqi exiles who returned to the country. We were told each Iraqi family would be given a share of the revenues from our massive oil riches. Iraqis would no longer suffer [Read more]

America Ushers In Era of 'Sectarian Affiliation'

November 28, 2005 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

Sectarian division and the chasing after illegal profits are the greatest hallmarks of the new era ushered in by U.S. "liberation" troops. Indeed, sectarian affiliation has now replaced loyalty to country and flag. You no longer need to be honest and patriotic to get a government job, for example. Sectarianism has [Read more]

U.S. Invasion 'Has Brought Nothing But Jails'

November 17, 2005 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari is now facing the most critical decision of his life and that will either make or break his political career. In the aftermath of the reported atrocities against Iraqi inmates at a secret prison in Baghdad he has two options. To win back his credibility, in the eyes of many Iraqis at [Read more]

U.S. Mistreats Innocents on the Battlefield

November 9, 2005 // Azzaman - Iraq - English

It is wrong to blame ordinary Iraqis, wherever they live, for the surge in violence by groups opposed to the government and the United States. As U.S. troops pursue their new border offensive [Operation Steel Curtain] for a seventh consecutive day, reports from the battlefield say that innocent Iraqis are again bearing [Read more]
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