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Trump’s X-File

December 13, 2017 // El Periodico - Spain - Spanish

The truth, according to the mantra in the paranormal phenomena program “The X-Files,” is out there. In Donald Trump's world, it is hard to find.

Trump Is Inflaming Terrorism

July 1, 2017 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Trump has shown himself to be an appalling Islamophobe, and has thereby succeeded in making the world a much more insecure place.


January 6, 2017 // Liberation - France - French

Behind this abbreviation, which sounds like a keyboard shortcut or a punk subgenre, many see merely a euphemism for an old demon well known to the United States: white supremacy. Others see rather a mutant fringe of the extreme right, born and bred in the United States. Here in France, this “alternative right” [Read more]

Strange France, Lovely Country of My Illusions

October 15, 2016 // - France - French

I am hopeful that one day I will return to the U.S. with my head held high and that I will be able to laud France with a little arrogance.

Arranged Reaction in the US

October 5, 2016 // El País - Brazil - Portuguese

The New York bombing should not become an electoral weapon in the face of presidential elections. The bomb that exploded in New York over the weekend, as well as the other explosive devices found both in the city and in New Jersey, are a fatal indicator of how democratic societies are exposed to terrorism and how [Read more]
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