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Iran and Europe

July 11, 2019 // The Jersulem Post - Israel - English

Tehran’s main goal is to garner support from European countries in providing cover from US sanctions, which have been re-imposed since the US left the deal in May 2018.

Kushner’s Plan Deserves a Chance

June 25, 2019 // Die Presse - Austria - German

Success is by no means certain, but if he fails – he says pointedly – he doesn’t want to fail the same way as all other efforts toward peace up to now.

The Perils of Kushner’s Deal

June 9, 2019 // Alghad - Jordan - Arabic

Similar prior attempts were more viable than Kushner’s political attempt as prior American administrations showed less bias toward Israel in comparison to Trump.

US and Israel: A Mythical Awakening

May 14, 2019 // ASHARQ AL-AWSAT - Pan Arab - English

Relations between the United States and Israel in wake of the Trump administration are in complete harmony. This harmony is closer to fantasy than reality. Countries usually strike alliances and have similar interests, but they rarely enjoy such accord. This harmony is a facet that complements absolute hostility. In [Read more]
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