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Luckily, The Same Old America

August 20, 2008 // Il Foglio - Italy - Italian

In the end, when we really need the Cavalry, the appalling, ignorant and arrogant Texan cowboy, George W. Bush, is the only one to defend the helpless, to help the abandoned, to support democracy and freedom when they are in danger.

Rice on a Mission in the Caucasus

August 18, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

The Russians interrupt the march to Kutaisi. Ban ki-moon: “The violence continues.” Bossi: “Ok to sending troops if it Europe asks.” The picture on the ground in Georgia remains very confused. Today the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will arrive in the Caucasus. After having met with Nicolas [Read more]

Bush: You Want to Bring Down Saakashvili

August 18, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

The crisis between USA and Russia sharpens. Putin: you’re helping the Georgians, making them look like victims. At the White House and the Kremlin it is the moment of truth: while Vladimir Putin accuses Washington of supporting the “Georgian aggressor,” Dick Cheney promises Tbilisi that “the Russian aggression [Read more]

2042 Whites New Minority in the U.S.A.

August 17, 2008 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

WASHINGTON- In the course of a generation in the United States, whites will be the new minority. In fact, according to data circulated today by the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2042 the majority of the population will be comprised mainly of Hispanics and Asians. This projection anticipates by eight years that drafted in [Read more]

Ms. Rice on a Mission in the Caucasus

August 17, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

The scene on the ground in Georgia remains very chaotic. Today the American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will arrive in the region after meeting with Nicolas Sarkozy and will present to the parties an outline for the cease-fire. In the meantime the Georgia government has announced that Russian troops have [Read more]

U.S. at Economic Crossroads

August 12, 2008 // Espresso - Italy - Italian

Is it finished or will its effects be felt later on? Much will depend on the decisions on loans and on the real estate market Almost a year from the beginning of the most serious financial crisis since the Thirties, the biggest surprise is how solid the American economy seems to be. In spite of the catastrophic [Read more]

For America, War is Like Breathing

August 10, 2008 // Effedieffe - Italy - Italian

The large weight of the military-industrial complex has distorted society--economically and spiritually--to such an extent that the society now depends on war like a drug addict depends on his dose.

In Afghanistan, Opium Finances All

July 28, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

Thomas Schweich, U.S. Coordinator for Counternarcotics, points the finger at corruption within the Karzai government. And at NATO’s paralysis. WASHINGTON – The drug trade in Afghanistan finances not just the guerilla effort but also the government of President Hamid Karzai. The former American envoy appointed [Read more]
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