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But Does America Deserve Obama?

May 17, 2008 // Espresso - Italy - Italian

There is a country that has realized that it is not above the society of nations, but part of it For some time I believe that the rest of the world should have the legal status of official observer to the USA Congress. The decisions made in Washington, in fact, may have a greater impact on the lives of inhabitants [Read more]

Competence Isn’t Elitism

May 11, 2008 // La Stampa - Italy - Italian

In America, the Democratic Party primaries have become tortuous recently due to the accusations by Hillary Clinton that her rival, Barack Obama, is “elitist.” This is nothing to joke around about, because the votes of millions of workers (white) are in play and their idea of fun is to watch football, while munching [Read more]

American Hegemony

May 5, 2008 // Espresso - Italy - Italian

Instead of managing crises, the United States has aimed at resolving them through war. Whoever wins the elections has the task of recreating stability in the “New Middle East”. In 2003, the politics of the United States towards the Middle East has showed a sharp turn in respect to previous decades. Before the [Read more]

If Bush Smiles

April 14, 2008 // Corriere della Sera - Italy - Italian

"The Olympics" – explained Micheal Green days ago, and who wasthe Special Assistant to White House for Asian Affairs until two years ago – "are the moment in which China opens itself to the world. If we make it fail, Beijing will lose its face. Then it will become much more difficult to work with them, from human [Read more]

The America of Benedict XVI, a Model for Catholic Europe

April 7, 2008 // Espresso - Italy - Italian

When in mid-April Benedict XVI will land at the military airport of Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, the United States will come to the head of the classification of countries most visited by popes. Tied with Poland for number of visits, nine. And with Turkey for number of visiting popes, three, before him his [Read more]

The Delegate Battle

March 11, 2008 // La Repubblica - Italy - Italian

The Battle for Delegates Burned are the dreams and frayed are the hopes of the new man of American politics after his two defeats in the large states of Texas and Ohio, as the resurrection of Senator Clinton reawakens the struggle within the Democratic Party for the cold and obscure reality of numbers and the [Read more]
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