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Jair Bolsonaro

America Embraces Nationalism

January 8, 2019 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The continent's geopolitics will hinge around Trump, López Obrador and Bolsonaro, three leaders for whom foreign policy cannot be understood without a prior reinforcement of the domestic one.

Yes, We Love America!

December 24, 2018 // Istoe - Brazil - Portuguese

Just like Trump, Bolsonaro had an election campaign in which he presented himself as an anti-establishment candidate that would not replicate the worn-out practices of traditional politics.

Polemic Embassy

November 14, 2018 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

If such a maneuver actually occurs, there will be a significant change in tone in the position Brazilian diplomacy takes regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Best Enemy

November 13, 2018 // Folha de São Paulo - Brazil - Portuguese

[Donald Trump's] attacks against the media seem to be more of a well-executed political calculation.
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