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John McCain

Can Donald Trump Really Be President?

July 23, 2015 // Die Welt - Germany - German

<i>First the real estate tycoon attacked Mexican immigrants, now the war hero John McCain is under attack. Donald Trump is not taken seriously, but the billionaire is still ahead in many polls.</i> Donald Trump is leading a USA Today poll of Republican candidates by three percentage points. On Sunday, Trump was the [Read more]

America Again Promises to Waive Visas for Poland

June 7, 2015 // Newsweek - Poland - Polish

<b>The head of the American Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain, promised his personal involvement in the abolishment of the visa requirement for Poles wishing to travel to the U.S. He announced that adequate changes regarding the matter will be passed on for enactment in next year’s defense budget.</b> [Read more]

Lindsey Graham, a ‘Hawk’ in the Republican Campaign

June 6, 2015 // Le Monde - France - French

Having reached the age limit, Lindsey Graham announced on May 28 his departure from the U.S. Air Force Reserves, where he had obtained the rank of colonel. On June 1, the South Carolina senator declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential election, counting on his years of service on [Read more]

Weapons for Ukraine: Angela Merkel Calms Washington Down

February 19, 2015 // Cotidianul - Romania - Romanian

The United States and Germany agreed on toughening the sanctions imposed on Russia in case Moscow does not stop the aggression against Ukraine. However, President Obama declaimed the delivery of lethal weapons from the U.S. to the Ukrainian army as only a possible option. During a press conference organized in [Read more]
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