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The US Commission’s Anti-India Report

May 26, 2020 // Nawa-i-waqt - Pakistan - Urdu

If the Trump administration continues to support Indian Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives, the few rights granted to the Muslims in occupied Kashmir by the United Nations will be nullified.

Countering Trump’s Initiative on Kashmir

August 30, 2019 // Hindustan Times - India - English

It has taken one month for United States President Donald Trump to go from claiming Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked him to mediate on Kashmir to declaring it was a matter best left for India and Pakistan to resolve on their own. New Delhi can pat itself for beating off yet another unwanted diplomatic advance, [Read more]

US Fruitless Talks With Taliban

January 18, 2012 // Kashmir Watch - Kashmir

US seeks to distinguish between Al-Qaeda-related fighters and Afghan insurgents—good and bad Taliban, but it is much obscured matter as there is no scale to differentiate between them because all are fighting against the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan with the same motto.