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Hillary and the Oval Office: Complex Ambition

June 26, 2016 // As-Safir - Lebanon - Arabic

The most astonishing variable of this campaign season is that young women, just like Sanders and Trump, are against the established two-party system and the political election games that Hillary Clinton is trying to force upon them, despite her own shortcomings and known associations.

American Politics and the Boycott Movement

June 17, 2016 // Lebanon - Lebanon - Arabic

Despite the executive order issued by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the beginning of this month, which demanded the withdrawal of investments from companies that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement, this step does not reflect the general policy of the United States. There is a transformation in [Read more]

Saudi Arabia and the Law of the Jungle

June 7, 2016 // As-Safir - Lebanon - Arabic

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia failed to read what was coming from the West, just like it failed to understand the outcomes of the nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1.* So Riyadh has found itself in the middle of a very complicated equation that is shrouded in foreign and domestic “fog.” At the forefront is [Read more]

150 Years at the American University of Beirut

January 6, 2016 // Al-Hayat - Pan Arab - Arabic

This year, the American University of Beirut marks the 150th anniversary of its existence. I was a witness to the last third of its history in my high school days, before I moved to the English school, and then I came back to receive my bachelor's and master's degrees from it. Those were the best days of my life. [Read more]
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