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Lindsey Graham

He’s Shooting Blindly Again

April 10, 2019 // Frankfurter Allgemeine - Germany - German

Trump releases his conspiracy theories into the world and undermines trust in institutions. Uncertainty and polarization are his campaign.

The Senator from Hell at the Circus

October 10, 2018 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The third branch of government that the Founding Fathers envisioned as impartial is now altered, and the effects of that will be seen for decades ahead, in great part due to the actions of the senator from hell.

Walls, Borders, A Dome and Refugees

September 14, 2015 // The Age - Australia - English

I know, Walker's proposal is crazy. But, alas, the fears that he and Trump are playing on with this wall theme are not crazy: Some very big tectonic plates are moving, and people feel it under their feet.
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