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#MeToo Movement

It Is Easy To Expel Polanski

May 9, 2018 // Rzeczpospolita - Poland - Polish

Women have put an end to the silence ... protested against being used, mistreated and humiliated ... protested against unequal salaries and rights. They have stood up for their own dignity.

Saint Woody Allen

April 1, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

I've seen him, before my eyes, levitate toward heaven, hoisted by several columnists and commentators.

They’ll Pretend They Didn’t See the ‘Drag Kid’

March 21, 2018 // Observador - Portugal - Portuguese

<i>Activism, which in its folkloric cyclothymia has come to be an extension of a fashion show, is, in its intolerance, the continuation of a totalitarianism that has suffocated us since the 20th century.</i> They laugh. They photograph. Others write about the glamour of the “drag kid.” Yes, the model in the [Read more]
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