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U.S. Returns Pre-Colombian Artifacts

August 1, 2008 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

Bogota – Officials of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) returned to the nation of Colombia 66 pre-Colombian pieces confiscated three years ago in Broward, south Florida, Colombia’s Minister of Culture said Monday. Official delivery of the items took place today at the National Museum of Colombia, [Read more]

Citizen of the World

July 31, 2008 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

"Barack Obama captured the hearts of tens of thousands of Europeans, mostly young people, that acclaimed him yesterday in Berlin as the unexpected leader that can return the optimism to the world that it is currently lacking." So began the note of Antonio Caño, special correspondent of the Spanish newspaper El País [Read more]

Obama's Priorities

July 31, 2008 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The Democratic candidate to the presidency of the United States, Barack Obama, said in an interview with a South American newspaper that his priority in foreign policy would be his relationship with Mexico. But several months later, the senator has traveled to Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Great Britain, [Read more]

From Texas to Mexico City: The Arms Trafficking Route

July 19, 2008 // La Cronica - Mexico - Spanish

The Mexican federal Department of Public Security (SSP) detected a route for arms trafficking from Texas, in the United States, to central Mexico. Mexican immigrants, the majority of them residents of the United States with migratory documents in order, are used to transport the arms by sea, air and land. The [Read more]

Obama and McCain Go After the Hispanic Vote

July 1, 2008 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Immigration is the theme that captures the audience’s attention. The Democrat accused his Republican rival of turning his back on immigration reform under pressure from his party. McCain promised that a change in the immigration laws was, is, and will be his priority.
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