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Deciphering the New President’s Thinking

February 3, 2009 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

It really isn't very difficult to do. After taking office, Barack Obama declared that the U.S. needs to evaluate whether returning the territory occupied by the Naval Base of Guantanamo to its legitimate owner will affect the defensive capacity of the United States. He immediately added that to come to a solution, [Read more]

Waiting for Obama

January 18, 2009 // ABC - Mexico - Spanish

Many liberals of the world and every Spaniard optimistically await the inauguration of Barack Obama to witness, even from a distance, a historical transformation in the imperialist politics of the United States. They reason that that an African-American president who said such nice things during his electoral campaign [Read more]

Calderon and Obama: A Miracle?

January 18, 2009 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Obama gives the same priority to Mexico as he does to organized crime. An old adage says that the U.S. government has no friends but interests. And the issue comes to be, referring to the Mexican government's diplomatic lobbying, especially by Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan, who made the first meeting between President [Read more]

The New U.S. President and Our Immigrants

January 11, 2009 // La Cronica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

The United States is preparing itself for a change of government. Barack Obama triumphant elections as the next U.S. president awakens great expectations for North America and for many countries in the world. For Mexicans, the long border adjoining the most powerful country in the world represents a great attraction [Read more]

Sarah Palin Captivates Average U.S. Citizens

December 28, 2008 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

John McCain surprised the United States and the world by making known the 29th of August, in Dayton, Ohio, his running mate: until then, she was the unknown Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. In the time of campaigning through the internet, [the announcement] immediately started an intense internet search to discover [Read more]

The Myth of the Error

November 29, 2008 // El Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

These first weeks since Obama became President-elect have served significantly to show that there is no lack of interest in nor disdain towards Mexico.

Did Condoleezza Come for the Drug Dealer?

November 9, 2008 // Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

Did Condoleezza come for the drug dealer? “Loyalty has a tranquil heart” William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Last weekend the Secretary of State of the administration of George W. Bush was in Mexico; the famous Condoleezza Rice. Many will be wondering what such a distinguished and famous figure of U.S. foreign policy [Read more]

Joe, the Plumber from Hell

October 27, 2008 // La Cronica - Mexico - Spanish

The dream of every campaign strategist is to create a trend that ignites a spark and spreads the notion that the victory of their candidate is not only the best, but is also inevitable. You can hear the grinding of teeth in the American reactionary political community with this in mind. You can almost hear the [Read more]
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