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The Multiple Risks of Border Militarization

August 4, 2010 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

As announced last June, yesterday the U.S. National Guard initiated the deployment of 1,200 troops to the U.S.-Mexico as part of an operation to block the entry of members of organized crime groups. Although the National Guard has insisted that the presence of American soldiers in the border area will be focused on [Read more]

The Arizona Law

August 2, 2010 // La Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

The highly negotiated and contested Arizona law comes into effect this weekend with some changes, thanks to the intervention of U.S. federal judge Susan R. Bolton. More than a law, this is a parcel of reforms for state laws, which will enable state and county police to substitute for U.S. federal authorities and detain [Read more]

The New Arizona Immigration Law

August 1, 2010 // La Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

This weekend the highly touted Arizona law goes into effect, with a few limitations, thanks to Susan R. Bolton, a U.S. federal judge. It is more than a single law — it is a package of reforms to state laws that will allow state and county officials to step in for the federal authorities of the United States in order [Read more]

War on Organized Crime

July 27, 2010 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The "War on Organized Crime” in Mexico was born with original sin and, to date, has yielded only poor results. This "military confrontation" has caused anarchy along with an escalation of lawlessness and violence, which has now been highlighted by the assassination of a candidate for governor in the border state of [Read more]

Afghanistan, The War Without End

July 24, 2010 // La Cronica - Mexico - Spanish

For several weeks I have carried the image of Brendan Marrocco, a young man of 23 years whose photograph appeared on the front page of The New York Times. It’s a strong image that sinks in, that hurts, and that remains recorded inside of a person and that, for me, has come to symbolize the never-ending wars, without [Read more]

“Say No to Socialism”

July 23, 2010 // Excelsior periodico - Mexico - Spanish

<b>In well-to-do middle class neighborhoods posters are appearing that indicate that the people are not familiar with Obama’s policy.</b> Obama’s honeymoon has been over for some time. Besieged by conservatives fearful of a social revolution, even be it democratic, Obama is waiting for the midterm elections that [Read more]

Do Not Disappoint Us Now, Obama

July 3, 2010 // La Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

Hispanics do not have a Dr. King to follow. The Hispanic community in the United States [...] has only President Obama to be their last hope in the recognition of the rights of a huge mass of illegal workers, and above all, to go against the counterrevolution driven by the extreme right, which turns anyone with Latino ethnic attributes into suspected criminals.

Who Is Really Doing the Dirty Work

June 30, 2010 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The majority of the money coming out of these businesses is going to end up in first world nations, which are the final destinations of these mafias’ products and services.

Where is Obama?

June 21, 2010 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

Surely Obama’s thoughts are far from Mexico at this moment in which his presidency is challenged by BP’s oil spill in the gulf. He could also be jousting with Brazil and Turkey, who decided to defy Washington, go off on their own and give a break to Iran in its confrontation with the U.S. and its allies—an action [Read more]
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