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Welcome to Arizona … as long as You Aren’t Mexican

May 7, 2010 // La Cronica De Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

They refer to us as Mexicans, Hispanics, Latinos, Chicanos, and even “invaders.” The fact of the matter is that, if you’re brown, your English isn’t perfect, and you speak it with an accent, you are out of luck in Arizona. And on top of that, if you are undocumented or even forgetful, you will end up behind [Read more]

Obama Has No Appetite and Hispanics are Nauseated

May 6, 2010 // La Crónica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

Barack Obama made that statement almost casually, while chatting with the journalists aboard Air Force One. He said last Wednesday that Congress may lack the "appetite" to take on immigration reform this year. He could have said it louder, but not any clearer: Immigration reform does not interest the American political [Read more]

Where Does His Anger Come From?

May 6, 2010 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

What part of the statement "Bill Clinton supports Mexico" didn't the secretary of the interior understand? Where does his anger come from? Last Saturday, the former United States president announced he was in favor of a "Plan Mexico" against drug trafficking, designed by Mexico "so that no Mexican would think that we [Read more]

The Religious Roots of the United States of America

May 2, 2010 // La Cronica De Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

In a previous column, we spoke of the interesting debate taking place in the United States, in Texas, regarding the educational content of the new social studies curriculum for elementary, middle school and high school and the potential impact it might have on the present and future political, social and cultural [Read more]

U.S.: Stupefied Gringa

May 2, 2010 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The ambassador of the United States in Mexico, Carlos Pascual, is worried because the cost of doing business in Mexico increases every day due to the violence that organized crime is generating. Yesterday in Monterrey, he confirmed for businessmen that, in some regions of the country, it is not possible to live a [Read more]

From the Treaty of Detroit to Goldman Sachs

May 2, 2010 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

Goldman Sachs is the product of the structural transformation of the U.S. economy over the past 60 years. It is the crystallization of the true spirit of neoliberalism, which invests and operates in the financial area, where a mythical hen lays golden eggs called speculation every second.

U.S. Visa: Indignity and Submission

April 30, 2010 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

A U.S. visa grants the right to visit American territory, with no consideration from the Mexican government as to whom the visa is offered; therefore, it should entail entry only to the U.S. and to no other country.

The Second Act

April 27, 2010 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

The financial system is the second part of the great reforms that President Barack Obama is seeking to achieve. The backlash from those who have opposed health care reform continues, and the attitude of those who lead it goes beyond any political logic. Trying to reverse a reform that more than half of Americans see as [Read more]

War Against Liberties

April 18, 2010 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

The government's war has already become a crackdown on civil liberties, and there is no active, coherent opposition to this process. There are no good guys or bad guys, but only crossfire and a civil society that seeks refuge in neutrality.

Nuclear Disarmament: Inconsistencies and Double Standards

April 13, 2010 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

... the agreement manifested yesterday by the U.S. — which in principle constitutes clear and healthy progress — would have to be accompanied by the end of inconsistency, factionalism, and double standards with which the superpower usually conducts itself in regard to nuclear disarmament.
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