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Acting with Dignity

March 31, 2009 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

If there are groups operating here who introduce drugs onto American soil and others there distributing it, it is worth asking why the United States has not declared a corresponding war against drug trafficking.

Economic Crisis, Political Crisis

March 28, 2009 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

Speaking to diplomats during a conference in Moscow, U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon expressed his concern over the possibility that the current situation (the conversion of the U.S. financial crisis to a major world economic crisis) will result in a global political crisis. Clearly, when hunger, poverty, health [Read more]

Risks of Militarizing the Border

March 25, 2009 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

The passage of drugs, arms and criminals over the common border is, in effect, the culmination of processes that gestate and develop over time, processes that require attention from both governments in geographic areas far from their common boundary, with spheres of action much broader than police and military.

Forbes' Affront

March 18, 2009 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

When we look at the Forbes billionaire list, it inevitably reminds us of the world in which we live. The 225 greatest fortunes amount to almost half of the world population's income. The Gross National Product (GNP) of the 41 poorest and most indebted countries, comprising 567 million citizens, is less than the total [Read more]

Is Obama Provoking Class Warfare?

March 13, 2009 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Republicans are attacking Obama's project as a model that reincorporates class warfare in the debate over the president's economic rescue plan. Before, they spoke of the problems of "racial tensions," but the U.S. citizens proved that conflict baseless and henceforth irrelevant by their vote in the last presidential [Read more]

Obama and Latin America

March 10, 2009 // La Cronica de Hoy - Mexico - Spanish

The recent declaration of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff of the United States, Mike Mullen, regarding the Mexican advisability to adopt a plan of “military assistance” should be seen as one more attempt of political control disguised as combating the trafficking of narcotics. This is similar to the [Read more]

The Weapons That Kill Us

March 9, 2009 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

A little more than 10 days ago, The New York Times published an article that received little attention in Mexican media. Obsessed as we are with our side of the equation in the fight against drugs (beautiful will be the day when Mexico no longer examines its own navel over everything), few analysts amended the story in [Read more]

The U.S. Army

March 5, 2009 // La Crónica - Mexico - Spanish

The fact is that the Pentagon strategists are not interested in the subject of drugs. They are focused on the issue of national security.
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