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Mitch McConnell

The Apprentice-in-Chief Climbs the Learning Curve

September 19, 2017 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

Like any attention-challenged high schooler, he still couldn't resist playing hooky and pounding out early morning tweets that read like adolescent cries for help. But you could always tell when he had absorbed some new (to him) fact by the enthusiasm with which he shared it.


July 24, 2017 // Le Devoir - Canada - French

This failure is just a new illustration of the deep divisions that have for years been splitting the Republican Party.

Obama’s Energy Revolution

August 11, 2015 // Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany - German

<i>Barack Obama cannot convince the Republicans that the time is due for an energy revolution. Nevertheless, Obama is helping in this time of harsh economic reality.</i> “Coal. Guns. Freedom.” That was the slogan with which the Republican Mitch McConnell was elected to be senator in his state of Kentucky. The [Read more]

Edward Snowden’s Difficult Redemption

June 12, 2015 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

Last week, Senate Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell confirmed that he is a sore loser. After the victory of the so-called Freedom Act, the initiative that President Barack Obama signed into law to regulate spying programs in the U.S., McConnell appeared livid as a result of the defeat and claimed that this win [Read more]
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