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Is Afghanistan Forgotten? Not Completely

July 13, 2016 // Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

<i>Oh, yes. There was something there: The great Afghanistan fatigue of the West was clear at the NATO summit, but the conflict at Hindu Kush is anything but ended.</i> It is the longest war in the history of the United States. And yet the conflict in Afghanistan hardly gets any part of the public’s attention. [Read more]

The Cold War Starts Today

July 13, 2016 // Nezavisimaya Gazeta - Russia - Russian

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary general, said before the summit in Warsaw that NATO doesn’t desire a cold war with Russia, but in reality, everything is exactly the opposite. Especially since the Cold War, beginning with Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech, was never completely put to rest; there [Read more]

What Did They Fight For?

July 2, 2016 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

The U.S. Congress passing the "Global Magnitsky Act" can be seen as a threatening gesture lurking beneath talks on cooperation and the renewal of the Russia-NATO council on foreign affairs.
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