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Nikki Haley

Extorted by the USA

January 8, 2018 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

<i>Trump’s cut to the U.S. contribution to the U.N. budget meets the definition of duress. A suggestion from the year 1945 should now be taken up again.</i> “No member of the United Nations should finance more than a maximum of 10 percent of its budget so that the new world organization does not get caught in [Read more]

The End of ‘Postureo’

January 4, 2018 // El Mundo - Spain - Spanish

The importance of having a democracy is in trouble in Western countries among the younger generations. Several polls suggest that they tend to see it as nonessential. There are several hypotheses: One blames programs such as “House of Cards” for causing their disgust, an adolescent and idealistic mindset which [Read more]

Rogue Nikki Haley in Israel

July 31, 2017 // Al-Khaleej - - Arabic

During a luncheon with U.N. Security Council ambassadors at the White House last week, President Donald Trump described the state of U.S. contributions to the United Nations as there being “much work” for the ambassadors to achieve, and pushed for reform. He described the budget of the international organization as [Read more]

Make Human Rights Great Again

June 14, 2017 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

On her first visit to the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva, the new U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley expressed heavy criticism of the composition and operating principles of the U.N. Human Rights Council and demanded reforms for the committee. Unlike Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and other members of the [Read more]
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