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God as Denial of Responsibility

September 20, 2008 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

God as denial of responsibility When God is on your team, the world can be dangerously simple. Arbitrary references to the Bible is a form of intellectual terrorism. The United States has a talent for producing thought-simplifying politicians. Especially when they claim to represent God's march on earth. Already 160 [Read more]

The Week of Fear

September 19, 2008 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

This week scared Americans have forgotten about the silly issues and have been discussing economic policy. They have also forgotten the fear of government interference in the free market. The learning curve has been very steep.

'Obama? That is my Buddy,' Says Sarkozy

July 27, 2008 // Aftenposten - Norway - Norwegian

Following the cheering crowds in Berlin on Thursday, Barack Obama was warmly welcomed in Paris yesterday by President Nicolas Sarkozy, who calls him "my buddy." At a press conference succeeding the hour long meeting between Obama and Sarkozy they both emphasized the need for better cooperation between the United [Read more]
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