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#MeToo: The Oscars Could Become the High Point

January 8, 2018 // Die Presse - Austria - German

<i>The Oscars, one of the most prestigious events of the year, is traditionally is characterized by a big theme each year.</i> Last year, it was the newly inaugurated presidency of Donald Trump; the year before, it was the controversy over whether African-American actors receive enough appreciation in Hollywood, [Read more]

George, Leonardo and Me

March 4, 2016 // Liberation - France - French

<i>The Oscars and the American presidential election primaries both show a preference for Clooney, a glib Democrat and supporter of Hillary, to the detriment of environmentalist DiCaprio.</i> If we really get to be reincarnated, I would prefer to come back as George Clooney rather than Leonardo DiCaprio. And if I [Read more]

Oscars, So White

February 7, 2016 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

<i>The Academy is once again being showered with criticism for the lack of African-American award nominees.</i> For the second consecutive year, controversy has ignited over the lack of black artists nominated for awards from the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences — the famous Oscars. On social [Read more]

Quotas for the Oscars?

February 23, 2015 // Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland - German

Yet again, there is uproar in the U.S. Uproar is even more pronounced if it is suspected that discrimination is behind it, which, in the United States, happens extraordinarily quickly. You can see this as a good thing, as a sign of an increased level of sensitivity, which ensures that discrimination is no longer [Read more]
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