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Foolish Notions

April 3, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

Trump is a constant reminder that truth is stranger than fiction, and the fact that his popularity has shot up in the interim only serves to reinforce fears about the intellectual capacity of humanity.

Trump vs. Pakistan

February 22, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

[I]f Pakistan sets its own house in order, reduces dependency on the IMF and takes care of the FATF issue, this would deny Washington the use of its financial leverage and enhance Pakistan’s bargaining position.

Diplomatic Dupery

January 31, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

The ‘deal’ would invite ridicule because it brazenly upholds Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people ...

US-Taliban Deal

January 23, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

For peace to succeed, all Afghan factions, as well as the government and foreign forces, must pledge to end the hostilities.

Soleimani’s Killing

January 4, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

The hawks in the US administration have long been itching for a fight with Tehran, and the strike appears to have been designed to elicit a strong reaction.

A Changing World

December 12, 2019 // Dawn - Pakistan

Now Donald Trump has seen that there are few options to a long drawn out war, and has decided to pull out. Most would call it a defeat.
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