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US Exit

May 29, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

It seems the Americans have reached the same conclusion the Soviets had at the end of the 1980s, when they finally realized that their own decade-long imperial foray into Afghanistan was doomed to fail.

Afghanistan’s Shifting Sands

May 27, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

A major U.S. concern, however, is the militant Islamic State group gaining ground in Afghanistan with the Afghan security forces and the Taliban fighting each other.

The US Commission’s Anti-India Report

May 26, 2020 // Nawa-i-waqt - Pakistan - Urdu

If the Trump administration continues to support Indian Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives, the few rights granted to the Muslims in occupied Kashmir by the United Nations will be nullified.

Undue Reparations

May 14, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

The U.S. has not lost its appetite for demanding reparations. That might explain why President Trump has suggested that China should pay compensation to nations affected by the COVID-19 virus.

A Disrupted World

April 13, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

While most major economies, especially the U.S., have acted quickly and put together impressive stimulus measures, as of now, the policy stimulus does not appear to be nearly enough.

Foolish Notions

April 3, 2020 // Dawn - Pakistan

Trump is a constant reminder that truth is stranger than fiction, and the fact that his popularity has shot up in the interim only serves to reinforce fears about the intellectual capacity of humanity.
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