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U.S. Targets Pakistan

January 6, 2010 // The Nation - Pakistan

The alliance with the US needs to be reassessed and the Pakistan military should make it clear to the US that it can take care of its own problem if the US stays out and does not exacerbate it.

Aftermath of Flight 293

January 4, 2010 // The Nation - Pakistan

There have already been calls for more extensive use of "profiling", an overly broad expansion of the "no-fly" lists and a lowering of the threshold of what constitutes sufficient grounds to be placed on the terrorism "watch list", and more extensive use of more sophisticated scanning equipment that some have complained are highly intrusive, in that they create a virtual "strip search" image of passengers. Some of the proposals are but a worn out rehashing of the kind of alarmist and bigoted ideas that surfaced after 9/11. They were shot down then, and more thoughtful congressional leaders have shot them down again in recent days.

America’s New Afghan Policy

December 29, 2009 // The Frontier Post - Pakistan

America never hesitates to continue her policies of blood letting for her vested interest. She never cares how many people get killed and how many countries are destroyed.

Leaving Afghanistan

December 28, 2009 // Dawn - Pakistan

Dishing out expensive Stingers was one thing, dispensing rebuilding funds was quite another. But in America wasting billions on weapons traditionally is a leniently treated affair while even thinking of channelling large sums towards benefits for average people — such as a national healthcare system — meets fierce resistance from elites and the populist right.
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