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Friend or Foe?

March 15, 2008 // The Nation - Pakistan - English

It is regrettable that just a day after Pakistan lodged protest over the firing of missiles by the US-led coalition forces into Pakistan's Tribal Areas, which killed two women and two children, four more missiles were fired into the village of Boraki in Kurram Agency. However, the recent wave of attacks from across the [Read more]

US polls: Uncertainty Reigns

March 12, 2008 // DAWN - Pakistan - English

The contrast could not have been more glaring. On March 5, Senator John McCain, the nominee of the Republican Party, visited the White House fresh from his victory over his last remaining opponent, conservative Mike Huckabee, to receive the formal endorsement of President Bush. The party all united behind him is now [Read more]

American Equivocations Over Iran

March 6, 2008 // The Nation - Pakistan - English

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) approved a third round of sanctions against Iran with near unanimous support, sending a strong signal to Tehran that its refusal to suspend uranium enrichment was unacceptable. Out of the fifteen members, fourteen voted for the resolution with Indonesia abstaining. [Read more]

Eye-Opener for the West

February 29, 2008 // The Nation - Pakistan - English

A Gallup survey of Muslims the world over has emphatically put paid to the notion that views Muslims, the religious community as a whole, as ‘radicals’, and Islam as the driving force of the current wave of violence and radicalism. The poll brings out that an overwhelming number of Muslims (as many as 93 percent) [Read more]
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