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A Little Gift from Jeff Koons

March 10, 2018 // El Periódico - Spain - Spanish

In the 80s, Dutch artists Wim T. Schippers and Theo Van den Boogard created the most deliberately irritating cartoon character in the history of ever – “León el Terrible.” León was a predecessor of Larry David, and his main mission in the world was to constantly irritate everybody with his utter nonsense. His [Read more]

Carbon Dioxide

November 18, 2017 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>No scientist would dare link this dry, endless summer to climate change, but we are sweltering in the heat of figures which provide overwhelming evidence.</i> Amid the sheer outpouring of grief stemming from the ongoing Catalan debacle, I have witnessed several references to climate change, one of the biggest [Read more]

The Boomerang Theory

December 12, 2015 // La Presse - Canada - French

Paris isn't reaping what the West has sown with its foreign policy in the Middle East. The boomerang theory is simplistic. And it's also dangerous because of the conclusion it leads to: isolationism. Withdrawing from Syria and Iraq now would be an unforgivable error. Of course, the track record of the different [Read more]

Paris and the Rubicon

December 3, 2015 // Jornal O Globo - Brazil - Portuguese

<i>France needs military means in order to keep the solemn promise of destroying the Islamic State.</i> Nov. 13 in Paris was the crossing of the Rubicon. Following the attacks on the Russian plane in the Sinai and Shiite neighborhoods in Beirut, the attack on the French capital indicated an irreversible transition [Read more]

War of the Professors

November 25, 2015 // Izvestia - Russia - Russian

First it was Fukuyama. Francis Fukuyama, an American philosopher of Japanese descent, was born in Chicago in 1952. A professor at Stanford University, he’s still alive today and continues to make a living at Stanford. In 1992, he published the book “The End of History and the Last Man,” in which he hastened [Read more]

Half of All US States Shut Their Doors to Refugees

November 17, 2015 // Les Échos - France - French

<i>Twenty-three U.S. states shut their doors to Syrian refugees over terrorism fears.</i> Almost half of all U.S. states (23) have announced that they plan to shut their doors to Syrian refugees over terrorism fears. Among them are 22 Republican states (including Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Arkansas, [Read more]

Obama N’est Pas Charlie

January 30, 2015 // Veja - Brazil - Portuguese

On Sunday, the U.S. president was not up to the job. I am speaking here of the informal position of the leader of the free world: He cannot cry, “Je suis Charlie.” In the Paris march attended by 44 world leaders — and 1.5 million citizens — to express solidarity with France and to say no to Islamic terror, [Read more]
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