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The BittersweetAmerican Year 2008

January 7, 2009 // Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland - Polish

I asked a few of my American neighbors what 2008 was like for the United States... At last someone suggested: bittersweet! This year has been bittersweet, strange and uncertain

Barack Obama's New Deal.

November 24, 2008 // Rzeczpospolita - Poland - Polish

Barack Obama’s New Deal. This is certainly not how president-elect Barack Obama imagined the first few weeks after his historical victory in the presidential elections. There was supposed to be a quiet preparation for the inauguration on January 20, instead there is economic fire rapidly spreading around. [Read more]

America Needs a Breakthrough

November 11, 2008 // Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland - Polish

Obama has become the president. Something that seemed impossible a while ago is now a fact. However impressive his victory might have been, the difficulty scale of the task that the president elect will have to deal with is totally incomparable to the one that Obama faced as a senator. Obama needs to face challenges [Read more]
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