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Chinese Patience

September 15, 2019 // - Portugal - Portuguese

<i>After three days of work it was definitely proven that the Group of Seven leading industrial nations has become practically useless. Once again, the divisions between Donald Trump and the others were so clear and notable.</i> The question of whether the international economy is or is not on the road to a [Read more]


August 4, 2019 // publico - Portugal - Portuguese

Trump, the heretic-in-chief, does not respect the most ... fundamental principles and norms of the liberal consensus that was forged ... in the West after 1945.

Between China and Trump

May 30, 2019 // Público - Portugal - Portuguese

[I]t is hard to see someone like Trump elevated to a champion and freedom advocate, but it is worse to shut our eyes regarding what Huawei might mean.

The Anglosphere of Chaos

December 27, 2018 // Público - Portugal - Portuguese

Behind this scorn for parliaments there is an inconvenient fact that national populists have tried to hide behind their rhetoric: their contempt for people and their vote.
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