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U.S. Election Diary: No Arctic Refuge

June 21, 2008 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

In the past, enviromentalists and their allies have refused to let the oil companies into the refuge. Whether they will be able to resist the new demands remain to be seen - but the political pressure is mounting.

Just Short of Breaking Highest Glass Ceiling

June 8, 2008 // The Peninsula - Qatar - English

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton took her time in bringing her campaign for the White House to an end. But when she did on Saturday, she did it with rare élan. It was singularly stellar as the former first lady stood for 28 full minutes all alone on a stage in Washington’s historic National Building Museum giving a [Read more]

General Lee? Hillary as Abe Lincoln?

April 22, 2008 // The Peninsula - Qatar - English

THE bloodiest and most significant battle of the American Civil War took place in Pennsylvania. At the outset of that conflict, the forces of the North – greater in number and better armed – were regarded as the overwhelming favourites to win the struggle. Yet they were outsmarted by the charismatic General Robert [Read more]

Making Peace, the Carter Way

April 20, 2008 // The Peninsula - Qatar - English

Former US president Jimmy Carter did, what the sane majority all over the world, including in Israel, believe needs done: he travelled to Cairo from Jerusalem, because the government there won’t let him cross into the territory, for a nice little chat with Hamas leaders who rule the streets in Gaza on Thursday and [Read more]

Still Time for Bush to Achieve Something Positive

March 30, 2008 // The Peninsula - Qatar - English

THE TURMOIL IN THE financial markets is a greater challenge to President Bush than September 11 was. He faces a slowdown in the world’s most powerful economic engine, a credit crisis of unknown limits and a regulatory system whose antique tangles reflect the United States’ origins and the 1930s financial trauma [Read more]

Conundrum Condi Needs Unravel

March 6, 2008 // The Peninsula - Qatar - English

Condoleezza Rice was quick on the heels, literally walling through the embers of the latest Israeli-Palestinian flare-up, and achieving sort of a breakthrough for her country's foreign policy by insisting that peace talks continue despite the dramatic rise in violence in the Gaza Strip. Undeterred by the Israeli [Read more]

Hillary’s Therapeutic Victory

March 5, 2008 // The Peninsula - Qatar - English

Congrats Hillary. You did what hubby Bill, last week, said you must. And proved once again: Clintons do their best when their back is against the wall. You effectively halted Senator Barack Obama’s seemingly unstoppable momentum by scoring big victories in Texas and Ohio and picking up tiny Rhode Island for good [Read more]

How 'Mother America' Acts Like the Soviets

August 29, 2007 // Al Raya - Qatar - Arabic

America is playing a tune that no one else in the world understands. She looks at the horizon seeing nothing but her own reflection, and thinking the world so beautiful. After the Socialist camp's collapse, she sees a uni-polar world dominated only by the American superpower I recall before the great collapse, the [Read more]
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