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China vs. U.S. Navy

January 10, 2011 // The Gulf Times - Qatar

Over the past decade, China has been slowly building the capability to force the US Navy away from its coasts and deep in the Pacific.

Give Back Guantanamo

January 5, 2011 // The Gulf Times - Qatar

The US has used the argument of Cuban sovereignty over Guantanamo when denying basic guarantees of the US Constitution to the detainees at that facility by indicating that federal jurisdiction doesn’t apply to them.

Arrival of the New Congress

January 5, 2011 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

Republicans have promised to investigate the Obama administration for mismanagement and waste and repeal or roll back some of the legislation passed under the last Congress.

Dealing Differently with Israel Tensions

December 27, 2010 // The Gulf Times - Qatar

A brazen Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, undoubtedly emboldened by what he and his right-wing coalition view as a victory in a standoff with President Barack Obama, needs to be presented with a decisive and harsh response to Israel’s bad behaviour.

Covering Afghan War Conduct

December 19, 2010 // The Gulf Times - Qatar

Last week came news that US air, land, and mercenary forces would penetrate ever deeper into Pakistan. WikiLeaks show that Pakistan’s feeble government is quietly backing deeper US military involvement and targeted killings of Pakistanis.
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