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How ‘Mother America’ Acts Like the Soviets

August 22, 2007 // Al Raya - Qatar - Arabic

America is playing a tune that no one else in the world understands. She looks at the horizon seeing nothing but her own reflection, and thinking the world so beautiful. After the Socialist camp's collapse, she sees a uni-polar world dominated only by the American superpower I recall before the great collapse, the [Read more]

Bush's New Iraq Strategy is All About Striking Iran

January 12, 2007 // Al-Watan - Qatar - Arabic

Bush's new Iraq strategy is not intended for Iraq. It is really a new strategy for Iran, after the failure of Washington's dual containment policy which was designed specifically to prevent that country from obtaining The Bomb. While most predicted that the issue of Iran's nuclear program would not be taken before the [Read more]

A War on Terror, or a War on Muslim Travelers?

August 25, 2006 // Al-Raya - Qatar - Arabic

AA few days ago, the stench of a new American scandal began to circulate. At the worst prison in history known as Guatanamo, the prison guards killed three of the mujahideen, and then wrongfully claimed that our mujahideen brothers committed suicide. Anyone with the slightest amount of religious faith and common sense [Read more]

A War on Terror, or a War on Muslim Travelers?

August 18, 2006 // Al-Raya - Qatar - Arabic

There is no doubt that the recent Islamic bomb plot conspiracy makes traveling for every Arab or Muslim like a trip to hell. Being an Arab in the Western world was already a problem, but things have now gotten even worse and more confusing. Now if you're a Muslim on the road, you're simply a mass of suspicion on two [Read more]

Why are All Inmates at Guantanamo Muslim?

June 14, 2006 // Al - Watan - Qatar - Arabic

The deaths of three Arabs - two Saudis and one Yemeni - at that American detention facility of ill repute at Guantamamo, may have been suicides, as the official American version of events claims, or might have been the result of torture, as claimed by a Saudi lawyer and a number of young Kuwaiti men who were released [Read more]
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