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Albright, NATO, and the MidEast

December 3, 2010 // The Gulf Times - Qatar

It was rather disappointing that the brooch did not have the image of an oil barrel or a camel to indicate that we in the Arabian Gulf will be of concern to Nato in the coming decade.

No Physical Harm from WikiLeaks

November 29, 2010 // The Gulf Times - Qatar

Before Sunday’s release of classified US diplomatic cables , news organisations given access to the documents and WikiLeaks took the greatest care to date to ensure no one would be put in danger.

Midterm Vote Effect on U.S. Wars

November 2, 2010 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

With a Republican comeback likely in the mid-term polls, it is clear that Obama may not have a chance of winning the next elections. With that in mind, the outcome of the war in Afghanistan will be crucial to the Democrats to regain some of the lost support.
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