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Obama: A Failed Hope?

September 27, 2014 // Excelsior - Mexico - Spanish

In June 2008, the prestigious English journal The Economist celebrated the victory of then-candidate Barack Hussein Obama in America’s presidential primaries, triumphing over his rival, Hillary Clinton. In an enthusiastic and unusual editorial, the journal pointed out that in a country whose past is disfigured by [Read more]

Racism, Policemen and Weapons

September 16, 2014 // La Prensa - Honduras - Spanish

With a black man in the White House, many thought it was the end of segregation. They thought that with the presence of Barack Obama there would be changes in favor of equality and against racism. It has been 150 years since the same thing was believed after the abolition of slavery. It never occurred. Every now and [Read more]


September 8, 2014 // El Universal - Mexico - Spanish

The images are shocking, outrageous. If someone told us they were from apartheid South Africa or the southern states of America from half a century ago we would believe them: black protesters, white police officers armed to the teeth, and white civilians with rifles defending their businesses and houses, white [Read more]

Racism in Boxes

September 7, 2014 // El País - Spain - Spanish

The worst part of this obsession with dividing people by racial origin is that more racism has been a consequence.

In Ferguson, a New Type of Race Riot Is Taking Shape

September 6, 2014 // Le Monde - France - French

In the United States, the case of Michael Brown, a young black man, unarmed and killed with six bullets by a white police officer, is not isolated. Similar scandals have taken place the past 20 years. American police officers kill on average 400 people every year (most often in situations of legitimate self-defense), [Read more]

Keep Your Hands in Sight

September 5, 2014 // La Presse - Canada - French

I'm talking about police brutality veiled by the law. I'm talking about a war on the poor waged in hundreds of cities and counties across the United States...

Still No Black President

September 3, 2014 // die Zeit - Germany - German

<i>Obama’s utopia of having overcome racism doesn’t hold out against reality. Because he has blanked out the problem, he is finding it hard to engage with the crisis in Ferguson.</i> It took 10 days after the death of the black teenager Michael Brown, who was killed by six police bullets. Only then did U.S. [Read more]
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