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Why Trump Isn’t Reagan’s Heir

December 30, 2016 // L'Obs - France - French

<i>Authoritarian, at the center of media attention and a populist — no matter how much Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan are alike on some points, their filiation is nonetheless not so easy to confirm. A side by side view of the two men.</i> Since Reagan left the White House, with the help of the benevolent American [Read more]

Nancy & Michigan

April 1, 2016 // Dnevnik - Bulgaria - Bulgarian

To say that the American right wing is going through a serious existential crisis would be an understatement.

Obama Can Still Take Action

November 11, 2014 // La Presse - Canada - French

Barack Obama has gone through his final electoral ordeal. The Democrats lost control of the Senate during Tuesday's midterm legislative elections. Without a majority in the upper chamber, the president may become paralyzed during the last two years of his mandate — on the domestic front at least. He can still take [Read more]

Downfalls of the Secret Service

October 12, 2014 // Cotidianul - Romania - Romanian

The news about Julia Pierson, the director of the U.S. Secret Service — [an organization] created in 1865 to ensure the security of the U.S. president, his family and foreign dignitaries visiting the U.S. — was, in fact, predictable, and it was a consequence of the serious accusations brought against her by her [Read more]