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Reince Priebus

A Hard Week for Trump

August 4, 2017 // Les Échos - France - French

Tension within his majority, inability to advance reforms, internal conflict. The climate in Washington is adverse to say the least.

Trump Against the Media: The Beginning of War

March 4, 2017 // Aktualnye Kommentarii - Russia - Russian

<i>The inauguration of President Trump was marked by the beginning of a new stage of open opposition between the White House and the media. Now, American citizens and people from all over the world are watching a live broadcast of the new reality show, “Media against the President,” on a daily basis. This struggle [Read more]

Bad Trump for the Republicans

August 15, 2016 // Liberation - France - French

<i>The American press is having a field day; a few days ago, Donald Trump racked up even more mistakes and snubs. The populist candidate is increasingly antagonizing his own camp, to such an extent that the big names in his party are hoping to remove him. The latest polls put him 10 points behind his rival, Hillary [Read more]