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Republican debate

Contest of the Crazy

December 19, 2015 // Die Zeit - Germany - German

<i>The Republican television debates mainly illustrate one thing: Donald Trump isn't the only loony out there.</i> Will it turn into a duel between front-runners Ted Cruz and Donald Trump? That was the question during this fifth and final TV debate between the Republican candidates for the presidency at the Hotel [Read more]

Seventeen in One Fell Swoop

August 15, 2015 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

<i>Control over the Republican Party has slipped away from the “old boys.” The sheer number of candidates, currently at 17, shows the inner disunity.</i> A new phase in the U.S. primary race has begun with the first televised debate of Republican candidates. The campaign, which has so far happened far from the [Read more]
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