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Republican National Convention

For Trump Are We A ‘Yoke in the Center of Europe’?

August 7, 2016 // Ukrayinsʹka Pravda - Ukraine - Ukrainian

I was there and saw with my eyes this amazing 70-year-old clown and his 46-year-old plagiarist wife in the glow of the spotlights. I heard an irrepressible crowd who furiously shouted and clapped for Trump, as small children watch a painted and funny clown in a circus. I was there at the national convention of [Read more]

Wall Street Doesn’t Give a Damn about Donald Trump

July 30, 2016 // La Presse - Canada - French

<i>What does Wall Street think about the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency? Does it think markets will crash next November? Will the U.S. dollar take a sudden dive? Will we see the United States enter a new era of isolationism, shutting itself away far beyond the wall the Republican candidate wants to build on [Read more]

The Republican Convention Begins Enraged and Confused

July 29, 2016 // Sueddeutsche Zeitung - Germany - German

That the fact checker sites update their material minute by minute and use Twitter to keep readers abreast of the most current developments as they reveal half-truths, hyperbole and lies is ignored by most in the Quicken Loans Arena audience, and the mood among conservatives is generally upbeat.
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