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Obama's Powerless Measures Don't Scare Putin

May 10, 2014 // Ziare - Romania - Romanian

Just as with the failed attempt to change the calculations of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the White House assumes that a leader who’s involved in territorial aggression can be gently guided through powerless sanctions.

The Land Behind the Shield

January 30, 2014 // Jurnalul National - Romania - Romania

Coming from the airport, the ruthless and fearless Victoria Nuland turned on Ştirbei Street and stopped in front of the most filmed building in the universe. She was there for about an hour, but no one dares say what was discussed behind closed doors. However, we did figure out a few things, and if you watch how the [Read more]

Egypt and the Failure of American Diplomacy

August 28, 2013 // Evenimentul Zilei - Romania - Romanian

On June 4, 2009, in an epic speech — as it was considered at the time, since the new American leader represented the hope of change in the world — Barack Obama suggested a fresh start in relations between the Muslim world and the West. This proposal was made in the midst of an image void that Washington was [Read more]

Pacepa vs. Obama

August 16, 2013 // Jurnalul Național - Romania - Romanian

The expensive launch of Pacepa Mihai's* work on the subject of disinformation has been extremely useful. For those who were ecstatic about the “heroic” gesture of defection on the part of the spy chief, the movie, which synthesizess the book, shown 35 years to the day since the Securitate general's arrival in [Read more]

Romanians Knocking at America's Door

July 23, 2013 // Gandul - Romania - Romanian

Did you know that the U.S. refuses British entry visa applications at a higher rate than it refuses Romanian applications? We’re up to [a refusal rate of] 17 percent since last year’s historic decline of 5 percent; the English are up to 20.6 percent. Even so, we’re the ones knocking and knocking at the visa [Read more]

Mubarak Is Not Dead

July 18, 2013 // Gândul - Romania - Romanian

Egypt underwent a military coup. Even the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, admitted it. The United States cannot admit it; that would mean cutting back on [Egyptian] Army funding.

Out of Invisible Space

July 3, 2013 // Romania Libera - Romania - Romanian

I was under the impression that Barack Obama, our fellow Democrat, had beaten Julian Assange, but apparently that’s not the case. In the end, WikiLeaks only served to declassify documents concealed in nooks and niches that were relevant to military and diplomatic policy, meaning they remain at the level of the [Read more]
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