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Vietnam Will Seem Like a Walk in the Park

April 23, 2017 // Vzglyad - Russia - Russian

In light of the possible attack on North Korea, I will share a few thoughts. Without any political analysis, purely from a technical military standpoint: the balance of power and weighing of threats, so to speak. 1) If the United States does decide to attack North Korea, there will be no talk of a ground operation [Read more]

Trump and Putin Will Still Be Forced To Cooperate

April 23, 2017 // L'Espresso - Italy - Italian

The U.S. raid has shifted attention to the Syrian regime. There is a suspicion that all main players may be involved in a secret plan to reduce Bashar Assad’s power. Hopefully, they will have clear ideas on the (inevitable) partition of Syria, so that the country’s future will not be a tragic adventure like the [Read more]

Trump ‘Looked into the Matter,’ Syrian Intel Failed

April 17, 2017 // Life News - Russia - Russian

Everybody’s known from the very beginning that President Trump is a decisive guy. The moment he settled into the White House, he began to carry out his most scandalous campaign promises. But no one expected him to attack Syria, since the new American leader wasn’t ashamed of his status as a neophyte in foreign [Read more]

What Is Behind the New US Sanctions against Russia?

April 15, 2017 // Echo Moskvy - Russia - Russian

Some analysts interpreted this as a shattering of the last illusions of possible improvements in Russia-U.S. relations. However, I would not make a drama out of this situation. Implementation of new sanctions is most likely Trump’s tactical ploy rather than a strategic one. During the period of stigmatization that is [Read more]

Why It Is Just the Beginning of the Problems in the US

April 12, 2017 // - Russia - Russian

The U.S., after calling itself a superpower, challenged the world to evaluate its actions by the criteria of its greatness. If the world can briefly describe U.S. performance during the last 10-15 years then the right assessment will be “constantly growing confusion.” When Obama was president, it seemed that the [Read more]
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